The OPAGAC/AGAC fleet has the best possible standards in all areas related to fishing activities: social conditions, maritime safety, fisheries control, good fishing practices and sanitary conditions.

In 2015 in collaboration with AENOR, a working group was formed for the creation of the Norm UNE “Tuna for Responsible Fisheries” (APR) and after four meetings, the definition of the Standard APR was completed in March 2016. Once the public consultation procedures were concluded, a Standard Presentation Workshop was held, on 26 July 2016, which was opened by the Minister, Isabel García Tejerina. The standard was published in the Spanish State Gazette on 14 September 2016.

Finally, the OPAGAC / AGAC fleet received on July 20, 2017 from the Minister of MAPAMA, Isabel García Tejerina, the first ever AENOR Tuna from Responsible Fishing (APR) certificates of conformity.

The aim of this certificate is to bring together all the best know, proven and viable practices in the scope of action of the tuna fleet, in such a way that it serves to differentiate its holders from other actors in the sector. By disseminating and making this certificate known, a responsible tropical tuna fishing is encouraged worldwide.

We want to raise awareness with the buyers about the importance of the conditions in which the tuna was fished: in a responsible, safe and sustainable way and putting in their hands and in those of intermediate operators more information to facilitate their purchase decision.

In March 2019, the certification of the chain of custody of the processing and distribution companies of canned tuna by AENOR began. As such, this label guarantees that those cans contain tuna from vessels certified under the UNE 195006 Standard that also participate in Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) identified as comprehensive by Fishery Progress

Members os the working gruop
  • UGT
  • AZTI
  • CCOO
  • Instituto Español de Oceanografía
  • ACES