Terms Of Reference for Individual Consultant

Employer OPAGAC
Title OPAGAC Fisheries Improvement Project Coordinator
Duration (tentative) 1st January 2018 – 31st December 2018 (renewable until end of FIP by end 2021)
Place of assignment Own residence/office & OPAGAC office (Madrid) (to be agreed)
Travel  Occasional (to be scheduled)
Applications Julio Morón (julio.moron@opagac.org); Miguel Herrera (miguel.herrera@opagac.org); Jorge López (Jorge.Lopez@opagac.org)


The Producers’ Association of Large Tuna Freezers (OPAGAC) is an Association of Companies involved in tuna fishing and processing activities. OPAGAC represents over 40 fishing vessels, which operate in tropical and sub-tropical waters of the Atlantic, Indian, and Western and Eastern Pacific oceans. Fishing is conducted using purse seines. The Companies under OPAGAC have a long history of responsible fishing practices through implementation of both best social standards and measures to ensure the sustainability of the stocks of tropical tunas on which they depend, and minimize impacts of the fishery on the ecosystem.

In January 2016 OPAGAC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to execute a Fish Improvement Project (FIP) for its fleet, which will be implemented over a period of up to five years. The FIP was officially launched in September 2016. It is intended to assist OPAGAC’s fleet in achieving certification with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Global objective

At the end of the assignment the OPAGAC fishery is suitable for advancement to MSC Full assessment and has met with all the Assessment criteria that link to the outcomes and activities described in the FIP.

Specific objectives

The purpose of the TOR is to set out the requirements for the OPAGAC FIP Coordinator who will be responsible for overall Project coordination, progress evaluation, reporting and management, as well as liaising with stakeholders and funders.

Requested Services

The Coordinator will work as an Individual Consultant to OPAGAC, on a fixed-term basis. The incumbent will work at both OPAGAC’s headquarters (Madrid) and her/his own residence/office, as agreed with the OPAGAC staff. He/she will be responsible for the overall management of the Project and will act as the contact point for funding contributions, as well as liaison with all stakeholders. The Project Coordinator will work with WWF, the fishing companies, independent consultants and national and regional representatives and provide support as and when required.

The following duties are required:

  • Coordinate the implementation of the FIP in partnership with WWF, the fishing Companies under OPAGAC, National and RFMO representatives, and all other parties involved;
  • Managing the budget on behalf of OPAGAC, and monitoring of all program expenditure;
  • Assist the evaluation of progress regarding activities in the FIP Action Plan, as per the time-frames specified for implementation of the FIP;
  • Design Projects to implement activities under the FIP, identify and secure funding sources and Consultants to execute those activities; and assist the preparation of reports for funders and OPAGAC, as required;
  • Communicate FIP progress, developments, examples etc. to MSC and broader sustainable seafood community internationally, including managing communications around the FIP in the OPAGAC website and other platforms and forums.

Qualifications and skills:

  • A higher degree in fisheries marine science, preferably Fisheries Stock Assessment and Management
  • Experience in Project management
  • Proficient Spanish and working knowledge of English

General professional experiences:

  • Extensive knowledge on the implementation of FIP towards MSC-Certification
  • Knowledge of fisheries stock assessment and management tools and procedures, preferably for tuna fisheries
  • Knowledge of industrial purse seine fisheries
  • Knowledge of national and international organizations, in particular Tuna-Regional Fisheries Management Organizations such as IATTC, ICCAT, IOTC, and WCPFC.


Following the signature of the contract, the OPAGAC FIP Coordinator will be available for mobilization within 10 working days. The exact date shall be agreed with OPAGAC. The assignment will be for 1 year with a view to extending the assignment based on Project needs and incumbent performance.


  • Prepare reports and relevant information for internal mid-term FIP progress evaluation
  • Prepare relevant information to assist the external evaluation of FIP Progress
  • Prepare quarterly reports for OPAGAC and WWF which will include summary FIP outcomes and Budget expenditure;
  • With the assistance of OPAGAC and WWF, prepare a regular newsletter on FIP progress for circulation for all stakeholders.